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    More Swag

    Ford has not sent me anything but the Confirmed Order email. So they must be saving money for my build
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    Did anyone get a random bronco flag in the mail?

    I'm just happy to have received a Confirmed Order email. :sick:
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    How to Inspect the Engine Air Filter in your 2021 Bronco

    Good info . Is there a cabin filter, even if its supposed to be a open air experience
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    I still have not seen a Bronco in person!

    Mr/Mrs/Miss/etc. Sasquatch is known to be elusive. o_O
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    Here to help!

    @Nate Great to have all dealer reps here to field questions. (y)
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    Order Placed!

    Welcome (y) check out the forums. A person could spend many a hour there, like me. Ha! Ha! Jim
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    US West San Mateo Truck & Jeep Fest

    went Sat. Saw some nice auto step siders going for two grand!! Way two many light systems with no way to visualize on a wildtrak. will wait for delivery. Did not see any Bronco Nation Hat wearing people, sad.
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    Wildtrak Production Dates

    Thats nice!! I should change my order from A51. NO let it ride! Jim
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    Issues with my dealer…

    With a printed Order Summary you have something to drool over. And probably make additions to. Jim
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    What are you driving while you wait?

    2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Waiting, with experience gained in US Army. Hurry up and wait! Jim
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    Dealer Mannequin Program

    Get the F____ out of my car! Jim
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    Sync 4

    It is in my 2014 Fusion Hyd. My old/current flip phone never heard of BLUETOOTH so never linked up Jim
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    B&P oddities

    I wanted Paint Protection but I have full under body protection, so no Paint Protection for me! :unsure:
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    What accessories manufacturers are you interested in?

    AMP Research for dropdown side step
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    Looking At Tents - Need Advice

    No nighttime pee trips for you! Jim