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    93' XLT

    Very nice. Must let us see the powertrain. I have a 93 Eddie Bauer but ashamed to show it. Its more at the pre-restore time of its life.
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    '92 Eddie Bauer Bronco

    Beautiful. Paint and interior look perfect. Did he have it redone? It's beautiful.
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    Dealership reached out regarding my First Edition reservation.

    My Dealer reached out to me but just to introduce himself and ask if I had any questions. And said he was looking forward to"earning" my business and order. That if I had any questions to feel free to contact them and they would update me as more information arrived
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    So what's your model choice???

    First Edition are all sold out
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    So what's your model choice???

    Wanted the first Edition but think I will go with the wildtrack color Antimatter Blue or Cyber Orange. That is if I can get the site to accept my reservation
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    Tips for Reservations: (Possible URL)

    Well been trying since 8pm EST still can't get it to work
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    My 94

    I took the top off my 93 the removal only took 30 minutes or so. The hard part was having 3 people there to lift it off. Not really heavy just awkward shape. I will add if you have never taken off the top do it I love it with the top off.
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    Engine Temp Gauge Broken

    Sounds like a bad gauge to me
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    Some Bronco Questions Answered

    Thanks good information