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    ORV sticker

    Where is everyone putting there ORV stickers?
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    Installation issue: Bestop TrekTop Soft Top for 2022 4 Door

    Can you attach some pics after it's done? I'd love to see how it looks.
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    2022 wildtrak lux package.

    Congrats! You are going to love it!!
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    Trump approves!

    He didn't say he was in Delaware
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    Hot pepper red

    I love HPR in 2 door!!
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    Road Noise?

    Lol. I was trying to be nice. My foot doesn't usually stop on 70.
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    Road Noise?

    I can drive at 70 and have a normal phone conversation. Is it louder than a regular vehicle, sure. It isn't as bad as those links say it is. To me, it's all about having the mic top correctly locked in place.
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    MIC hardtop wind noise

    I have a mic top and I have noticed if I reseat the panels, it is very quiet. Just make sure you hold them tight towards the middle when you attach the latches.
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    Bronco Raptor VIN 001 Auction: Guess the Price for a $25 BN Gift Card

    Completely lucky guess by me.
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    Bronco Raptor VIN 001 Auction: Guess the Price for a $25 BN Gift Card

    It shot up quick then leveled off just as fast.
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    Order Tracker or recipe for Insanity

    It can be exciting and tearful all in the same day. Hang in there!!!
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    Major's brother Fury is now home

    I love the hpr. Same as mine The 2 look great together!!
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    Hot pepper red

    It really depends on the lighting. Sometimes its more orange than red.