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    Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo Experience

    Just finished my second day at the Texas Off-Roadeo. I went mainly just to learn the limits of my Sport, and what I need to look for when going out on trails with my family. Somehow I scheduled a day where my mother and I were the only drivers for the sports, and we ended up having a private...
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    How do you like your Bronco Sport Cargo Management System?

    I like it. Only use it every now and then. I love how it just fits into a slot when you're not using it, or with the seats down it fits just fine behind the front seats. The table part is great for when you need to work on stuff.
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    ADD your Bronco Sport MPG ~

    I have a Sport Badlands with the 2.0. In normal mode, I mostly get 26/28 mpg. I do most of my driving through back woods areas because I live and work in a small town. When I drive though our bigger city area during weekends, you get more 26 mpg. I just finished my drive up to the Texas...