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    Off-Roadeo Texas is LIVE!!!

    Ramps up my excitement level a few notches. Looking forward to getting my new Bronco very muddy!
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    It's registration day!

    I had to call Bronco Off Roadeo at 888-260-5744 to get some information I had on my order corrected, after that, I received verification my registration was complete.
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    It's registration day!

    Your order is verified! Your registration is complete. Time to prepare for an off-road experience like no other. Fill out your profile, and start thinking about which epic location you want to drive! Called and verified my address and received verification today.
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    It's registration day!

    After entering my VIN, this is the response. Your order could not be verified Hello James, Unfortunately, we weren’t able to verify your order just yet. Bronco Off-Roadeo Program Headquarters is looking into your request and will contact you soon.
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    Fort Bragg, North Carolina Club

    Hey Sarge, I am over here in Goldsboro home of SJAF Base. I have a Badlands ordered if y’all get something going with a club, I would be interested,
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    Why did you choose your model of bronco?

    Badlands with Sasquatch, LUX, leather trimmed marine vinyl. Hardest decision was color. Ordered Cactus Gray, local dealer received a Cactus Gray Sport yesterday, looked at it and called dealership to change my color to Area 51. Man, I hope this was the right call for me, going love it either...
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    Change Color

    Can I change my color selection after I have ordered my Bronco?