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    Finally got to see a Velocity Blue Bronco!

    First time seeing Velocity blue bronco was at the Moab Off-roadeo and I was stunned at how good it looked on the bronco! I agree the light really makes it shine. (P.S. don't tell anyone how cool of a color it is because I want to be the only blue one driving around) lol
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    Midwest Trails

    I did this last year in the 4runner and it was a lot of fun! Also Michigan has a lot of trails you are allowed on that run in the woods and along power lines that are on the Michigan DNR maps
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    Bronco Owners of Illinois

    Congrats!! I love that red on the 4 door. I've only seen one driving around near Glen Ellyn that was someone's. Mine is still at Dirt Mountain
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    Moab Off-Rodeo…Just Wow!

    Glad to hear! I'll be there this week and hope to get a BD like the one I have sitting at DM (other than sounds like no 2 doors:( )
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    Bronco Recall - Front Passenger Airbag

    I hope that this is an easy fix for them and they have the new airbags available for those at dirt mountain when they go through the QC check
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    Do MIC 2.0 tops still pop and have noises?

    I don't have my bronco yet but I would say that any top will have pops and other noises just from the fact the top is removable. My corvettes all had pops from the targa top it's just nature of the beast unfortunately
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    Bronco Owners of Illinois

    Has anyone in IL received their Full size bronco yet? Mine is still waiting at Dirt Mountain (hope to get mine next month)
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    How many people are getting their 2 doors?

    That is very sad to hear. Mine has been there since second week in July. Hope we all get ours in the next few weeks!
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    How many people are getting their 2 doors?

    My 2 door is sitting in dirt mountain currently. Hope to get it early October
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    Fixed hardtops start shipping out THIS WEEK!

    Don't want to be negative but something smells funny about this...... Hope it's true though (as someone who's bronco is in dirt mountain)
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    Check your FedEx accounts... Incoming swag...

    Does anyone know if I need to call Ford customer service or the company sending the stuff to verify they have my new address?
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    What keeps you encouraged to wait?

    The fact that this may be one of the last vehicles with manual transmission I will be able to purchase new! And the fact that this is the first SUV that has excited me in a long time.
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    Bronco News: Delivered Hard Tops Will Be Replaced, Other Hard Top Builds Maybe Delayed

    This is very true. Although my biggest frustration as someone with VIN and 2 door bronco that is in the “in production” hell, FORD needs to communicate. All of these people thinking the worst and spreading rumors would be eased with a company that just was open and honest with communication...
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    Check your FedEx accounts... Incoming swag...

    Oh boy I hope it’s finally the treasure map to where my built bronco is buried!:geek:
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    Just a heads up to all fellow and future bronco owners.

    I have never used this company before but will definitely check them out as they are made in USA:cool: