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    Front CV boot got loose

    I was washing the Bronco the other day, and I noticed a nice big explosion of grease all over the driver side steering knuckle. Upon closer inspection, the CV boot clamp worked itself off the boot and allowed the grease out. My dealer is taking care of it under warranty. Was curious if anyone...
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    What about cyber orange?

    Ohh I love creamsicles
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    Topless and Rainy

    Suggestion, if you do happen to get it soaked from rain, park in your garage and run a dehumidifer for a few days, just to be sure! :)
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    back up camera

    Have you tried pressing the camera button on the hvac panel when this is going on? Rock crawl mode should allow uou to access all of your cameras at will
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    Cheap Mud Flaps that Look Ace ~$40

    I saw a thread somewhere mentioning the use of these, $25 Ford branded mud flaps for the Bronco, so I thought I'd give it a shot myself. My main concern is protecting the side of the bronco/doors from rocks thrown by the tires. The paint is soooooft. Wider flaps would offer more protection, but...
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    Poor ride quality after upgrading tires and wheels?

    When you're adjusting the tire pressure, it also helps to check the contact patch by driving through some water and looking at the track pattern on a news paper or something like that. Too much pressure and the edges wont have as much contact, too little and the center will get wacky. You want...
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    GMRS Radio Install

    The door is made out of aluminum, so that doesn't help. But, the antenna I'm using is specifically made to not require a ground plane. I've had good luck with it on other vehicles. The radio I'm using transmits at around 5w on the lower channels and 15 on the high ones. The swr was a tad higher...
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    GMRS Radio Install

    1.26 on the low channels slightly higher on 22. Read out as 98% transmit efficiency, so I was satisfied. I could probably get it closer, but Im reusing an antenna from another setup and I had already previously trimmed it. Didnt want to trim it a whole lot more. (Was 1.77, got it down to 1.26 by...
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    GMRS Radio Install

    The 12v socket appears to be always hot/always connected. I thought about using the AUX switches to power it, but those are ignition only power, and if I use the passenger side one, I have to bug the wires under the glove box to make the connection, but then, its not possible to use a light...
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    GMRS Radio Install

    Thanks for the feedback. I thought about that yeah, on the top lip could work, but you'd have to cut the nmo mount's mid flange thing to clear the lift glass. There may be other, higher quality mounts out there too. It could feasibly work. The nice thing with where I stuck it, there's no...
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    Manual Transmission

    I've been really hoping @dv8offroad makes a billet shifter for the Bronco. My Jeep has one, and I love the feel.
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    GMRS Radio Install

    In this post I go over how I installed a GMRS Radio in my 2022 2 door Bronco. Things that were important to me; I prefer the antenna mounted in the rear, so it can be tall, and relatively protected from trees and branches and stuff. I chose a mobile radio that has has controls on the mic, so I...
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    What about cyber orange?

    This is turning into the orange bronco club x3 Hooray for all of us with ultra desirable unicorns!
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    What about cyber orange?

    One thing I will say, this paint is *very* soft and chips at nothing. I kind of expected a tri coat to be more resilient, but every nick from rocks, or just bumping it funny with a part or tool goes right to bare metal.
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    Home! - 2dr Badlands Sas, M/T, High+Tow

    No, that's the weird thing. The bolts inside secure on a flat piece that is pretty far away from where the crack is. If anything, it looks like maybe the top was dropped prior to final assembly. The crack is adorned with smaller stress stretch marks mostly along the upper window edge. If the top...