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    Let’s go for try #2

    I compare prices and it “appears” it shows in the order. Basically, I would be paying less than before. I added more than I took off like adding a full, 2-door soft top and the regular (non-squatch) wheels. Basically my price was what the soft top added. Plus I’ve got a fully signed copy of...
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    Today at Bronco Nation - Tues., 10-19-21

    Never wheeled that trail but have done it on a dirt bike. Lots of fun and a really great trail.
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    Let’s go for try #2

    Good call. The price matches the specific MY22 link Ford sent for B&P so I guess it’s an easy miss. I haven’t seen MY22 B&P on the general Ford website.
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    Let’s go for try #2

    Just submitted my MY22 2-door order. Priority 10. Let’s see how this goes…….. Neat fact, I tried to get an allocation number from they dealer and they would not give it to me. Said “we don’t even know” then proceeded to tell me how much he loves his Bronco….. I can’t wait for this whole...
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    Make sure to upgrade the intercooler first!

    It was very simple to just take off in 2nd. No clutch slipping.
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    A huge thanks to the Off Rodeo Team

    I had planned to attend the Moab Bronco Off Rodeo this weekend. We had rooms reserved at the Red Cliffs Lodge and were super excited. Monday, my wife and I went on a dirt bike ride and my wife had a hard get off, avoiding a head on trail collision in a blind corner. In the process, she suffered...
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    Countdown has begun

    Must have jinxed myself. My wife broke her leg yesterday so we had to cancel out.
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    Countdown has begun

    Moab. Hence the Moab sub-forum…..
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    Countdown has begun

    Headed to the Off Rodeo next weekend! Anyone else on here going to be there? We might have to arm wrestle for the 2-door.
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    What are you driving while you wait?

    Picked this one up Saturday. Came in sooner than the dealer or myself had planned. 2022 F350 Lariat Tremor with the 7.3 in AMB. Had 8.3 miles on it when I got in!
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    I think the Bronco draws the wrong crowd...

    They were probably trying to figure out how to stack rigs.
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    Switching dealers for model year switch

    But if I have to place a new order for a 22 (which is what my dealer is telling me)?
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    Switching dealers for model year switch

    I’ve got an order in on a 2-door with all the limited stuff. Early 7/13 res and early order. Since this build is going to be a MY22, is it possible to switch dealers and keep my reservation time stamp?
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    MY22 Build & Price update?

    I confirmed with my dealer Friday that a NEW order will be needed for MY22. He specifically mentioned that if I had a Badlands and Lux it would need a new order. Not sure if there is insight there but he did say price protection was also in place unless I changed my order to add/subtract anything.
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    What is next for some?

    As soon as the news dropped, I talked to the wife about the next options. As a 2-door order, we likely aren’t seeing a Bronco until mid-January at the very earliest. We recently bought a 2005 Xterra (we put close to 300k miles on the same vintage Pathfinder with hardly any problems) for my...