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    What's the consensus on when to do that first oil change on the 2.3?

    The title says it all. . . 5k sound about right?

    Bronco Scheduling - Week of 8/8/22

    No really though. Are there going to be any more weeks of scheduling before the end of the model year?

    Let's talk about this video...

    Boy would we be happy to see you!!

    Yep, mine showed up today. I had to make a comment the other day about more hammocks and calendars. lol Thanks Ford. May I have my Wildtrak please?

    Bronco Scheduling - Week of 8/8/22

    They should send more calendars and hammocks to those of us who will probably get bumped two times. lol No really though. gah.

    Bronco Scheduling - Week of 8/8/22

    Thank you.

    Bronco Scheduling - Week of 8/8/22

    Please help clarify this for me. No scheduling this week means none are getting built, or does it mean no emails will get sent out this week with vins and build dates? How many more weeks will they be sending out the emails for the 2022 MY? Thanks.

    Bronco Scheduling - Week of 8/8/22

    Oh my heart breaks each time I see no scheduling. Their time to make mine before it gets put off until 23 is getting slim. :(

    Unscheduled Clean!

    So I called today to pester Ford to see if my status was unscheduled clean or unscheduled balanced. The nice fellow said "clean" and insisted that Ford has made it its priority to get these orders out by the end of the year. He said the only thing that would make it balanced (pushed to next...
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    end of 22 production?

    Thanks I figure I'll load up the Wildtrak with the tow package and other stuff that will delay it. I won't have it this Summer to use it either, so it might as well get turned into a 23. Frustrating after 20 plus years of being out in the woods once a month or so. 2 Summers in a row without a...
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    end of 22 production?

    Sorry for not understanding completely, but what to these two mean? Do I have until 7/15 to change or add to my order? Or was 7/4 the cut off? Thanks.
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    US Northwest Bronco Basecamp at Overland Expo PNW

    I can't make this one. But several from our PNW Broncos group on Facebook will be there. Looking forward to pics and stories!
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    Punting... ☹️

    Please explain to me wn kind of. But some are recovering sooner. My fully loaded WRX should be here in August after ordering it last month.
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    Broncos took over Dirtfish's Summerfest.

    There wasn't a really huge turn out of cars, but we by far had the biggest representation. More Broncos than Subarus. lol
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    Who is still waiting for a build date?

    Way behind you guys, see my sig. No date.