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    FIRST DIRT - Post your first adventure off-road in your Bronco

    Our first trip off-road (one week after we got it) was to go find Bronco Knoll. We were in a bone stock Base model so we didn't make it all the way up due to lack of ground clearance. Here's a video from that day for anyone who's interested: By the way we did make it up to the top a...
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    Rock Crawling a Base 2-Door without Lockers - Horsin' Around Ep10

    Yeah Ford puts a lot of effort into selling the fancy upgrades. Showing them off at the Off-Roadeos, having every YouTuber from here to Calcutta ooh and ahh over them. The trail turn assist, the swaybar disconnect, the off-road cruise control, all of those cameras, etc. All of these look...
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    Rock Crawling a Base 2-Door without Lockers - Horsin' Around Ep10

    Yes I'm running a level/lift spacer kit from ICON Vehicle Dynamics. I'm not sure exactly how much lift it yields, but I do know they designed it to provide enough clearance for 35's on a non-Squatch with no rubbing, and no higher than that in order to preserve as low a center of gravity as...
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    Rock Crawling a Base 2-Door without Lockers - Horsin' Around Ep10

    Yeah it had the Sasquatch wheels and tires on it during this video (borrowed, the Bronco doesn't have the Sasquatch package). I have since swapped them out for my permanent wheel and tire combo, the 35" NITTO's on ICON Rebound Pro's. I'll post up some pics of it soon, and of course it should...
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    Rock Crawling a Base 2-Door without Lockers - Horsin' Around Ep10

    Stephanie and I just posted episode 10 of Horsin' Around! We've been having a blast making these videos as we put the 2-Door Base Bronco through its paces. This time we headed up to Southern California's Gold Mountain trail for the first time in the '21 (we've been over that trail dozens of...
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    Sunset Run

    No it's the helicopter pad near Angelus Oaks. Just off the road to Thomas Hunting Grounds. Great spot for sunsets (when there aren't massive wildfires blowing too much smoke) and Vandenberg launches.
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    Our Base Bronco 2-Door

    My wife and I recently picked up our 2021 Base 2-door in Oxford White, NoSquatch, 2.3/7-speed, no options except Aux Switches: We drove our '71 down to the dealership to pick it up, and we made a silly video about it if you'd like to check it out: While you're there we'd love to have some...
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    Sunset Run

    Sunday evening we took our '21 and '71 up to one of our local mountain tops for the sunset. Fun time tailgating but the sunset was sort of a bust due to haze from the California wildfires.
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    Bronco Font

    There is no font for the original Bronco script. It was designed back in the sixties by the Ford designers just for the Bronco emblem, so they likely only created those five letterforms. Years ago when I created the logo for So Cal Broncos I re-drew the Bronco script in Adobe Illustrator, and...
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    Bought a Bronco, hit 1000 Subs, and got monetized all in the same weekend

    Congrats! I just saw your channel today, liked and subbed! Great content :)
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    So Cal Broncos

    I'll get around to that some day. In the meantime, we started a separate group on Facebook for future 2021+ Bronco owners. Search on there for "So Cal Broncos 6G".
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    Hi from So Cal

    I've had the one in the pic for about 15 years. It's got a few goodies. 5.8L SEFI engine, full width high pinion D44 with ARB, 9" with 35-spline chromo axles, spool and Strange nodular 3rd member. 2.5" BC coils and leafs, Bilstein 7100's, 37" BFG's, West Coast prerunner fenders and long arms...
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    Bronco reservation tracking list and stats charts/graphs [enter yours]

    Got through last night about 2 hours after the reveal. Reserved a Base 2-Door but may upgrade it before converting to an order.
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    So Cal Broncos

    There is a group called Nor Cal Broncos. They are on Yahoo Groups, not sure if they've set up a presence on Facebook yet. But Yahoo Groups is dying a slow death so I hope they migrate to someplace that has a future (that's what we did). Anyhow I'm sure they would be welcoming of New Bronco...
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    So Cal Broncos

    So Cal Broncos, the Bronco Brotherhood of Southern California, is open to Bronco owners of all year models, and we look forward to welcoming owners of the 2021 Bronco. We are heavily biased toward trail running, modification and actual driving and using our Broncos, as opposed to show vehicles...