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    Members hobbies?

    Building speakers, built the above pictured speaker last year, sounds great, finishing wood is a labor of love for sure. RC rock crawler and trail driving, Mtn biking.
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    Who got their emails today?

    November for me. Better late than never.
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    Purchase or Lease? Ford Financing?!

    Will be buying with payments, likely 60 months. I’m buying because I know I will be modifying my Bronco and I’m sure that wouldn’t go well on a leased vehicle. I also tend to buy a vehicle and drive it forever (Wife driving a 2012 Expedition 1 year old when purchased and now has 144,000 miles...
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    Wheel Size and Offset??

    Check this video on YouTube. Show’s flex and drop lock to lock and 33’s fit stock suspension.
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    Speaker Change

    I’m interested to see if those pods on the back can be swapped out for larger pods to hold some 6.5 or similar. With a proper amp and speakers, 6.5’s in the pods, kick panels and some upgraded 3” in the dash might be how I roll.
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    MIC Holdouts

    Bronco is built, just waiting for the MIC top. No other choice for me but glad I’m getting a different top than the original.
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    Everything comes to he who waits…
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    So I guess production has started, I’ll have one of those Broncos sitting out in the lot waiting to get a new MIC top, not sure how I feel about that, especially if I’m not taking delivery until 22…the uncertainty is killing me.
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    Hood to Roof Rack Ties?

    A functional accessory for me, currently living in Arkansas with plenty of trees and tight trails. To do this seems like a little more than just a quick stop at your local hardware store. The mounting bracket for the hood riser and connection to the rack has a rubber sleeve or is custom made, at...
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    Universal Garage Door Opener on Bronco

    I might replace my visor with one of these...with BD and mid package I didn't think it worth it to upgrade to Badlands with Lux to get the garage door opener. ;)
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    I got mine!

    Love the pics of the wheels. I've ordered those as well and this is the first really good picture I've seen with them.
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    Finally an Email from Ford

    I just received the same email and I already received a production date email for the week of July 12th. When I click on the track the order link my status is now Ordered with no other details, I can only assume the July 12th date no longer is valid...sad day.
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    Squatch it or not....

    That's a little bonus today to find out I'll have another feature. I was thinking it was BL or sasquatch that came with it and didn't pay attention to looking any closer.
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    Squatch it or not....

    I'm definitely in the do what you want camp. All the promo rigs seen on instagram and youtube are sweet for sure. I'm going BD non-squatch. Lots of freeway time where I live and lots of weekend warrior options for trails so I needed a good all around vehicle and BD or BL seems to fill those...
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    Factory stereo / Speaker sizes

    The dash space is a tray, or just dash with some shallow walls built up to contain whatever you put up there. I don't think it would be worth it to cut a hole into that tray for the center speaker placement. Given the speaker locations, if you run an amp with reasonable power to your speakers...