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    Check your FedEx accounts... Incoming swag...

    I just got one too. It's only 1lb though?
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    Check your FedEx accounts... Incoming swag...

    Yep, that was me. I emailed them and this link is the response. Although, I still have it pending in my FedEx que. The good news is my 2-Dr FE shipped last week. Maybe I'll get it before the swag...
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    First Edition Production Dates

    Just got my email this morning, my FE 2-dr is built! Anticipated delivery to dealer 29 October!
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    My recent experience at the Moab Bronco Off-rodeo

    Thanks for the review. I am leaning towards the MOAB adventure.
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    First Edition Production Dates

    Just got bumped up a week for my 2-dr FE!! Originally was supposed to be 10/11, but now 10/04!!
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    Name your Bronco!

    Suite Madam Blue. Great song if you never heard it...
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    Check your FedEx accounts... Incoming swag...

    I emailed TEN10 to see what was up and this was the response I got. I guess the promotion is over? Cool that some of you got additional swag. I can now stop holding my breath. :eek:
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    Another Mystery - What's with the roof options?

    It's listed in the Ford Accessories website. Alternative to carrying the top panels onboard.
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    Trail Briefs - Colorado

    @Laura is there any further info about trail apps compatible with the Bronco's Synch4? I recall Trails Off Road was mentioned early on. And if @David created the graphics above, is there any potential those will be followed by a navigation app/program?
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    Blue Oval Production Week Scheduling Plan - Week of 08/23/21

    Got an email and VIN today from the dealer for my FE 2-dr, Lightning Blue, Black interior and tow pkg. Looked it up in my Ford account and it is scheduled! No further info yet...
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    2022 First Editions.

    @69BroncoX302 Words mean everything! I too have not been scheduled yet...
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    IS BRONCO SCHEDULING THIS WEEK? (An Explainer) + Ask me your Ford Production Questions

    @Gloff after reading 4 pages of comments, I jumped to the end to ask this question. Sorry if already asked. I have a 2-dr FE ordered. My dealer says I'm #3 FE and in the top 10 overall on their list. I have a 7/13 reservation number stamped 7/14. That being said, when will they begin...
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    Limited edition print

    Got mine today. Nice gesture, but would really like to get an update on when they plan to build 2-dr FEs.
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    US Southeast Bronco Nation Summer Tour | Tampa, FL

    Thanks for the invite!
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    Membership renewal

    My membership renewed yesterday! Quite the surprise! Thanks @Laura @David