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    Check your FedEx accounts... Incoming swag...

    Supposed to be a pair of camping chairs!
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    Survey for Ford- Customer opinion on color changes

    I think that anyone who has an order placed before the order banks just closed should get what they ordered. Period. I don’t care about reservation time stamp or order date. If you’re in the system you should get what you ordered. I’m not scheduled for production and didn’t reserve & order until...
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    Another sad Friday

    But it’s only Thursday ffs!
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    Ford needs to listen up!!

    I didn’t get a hammock or anything else!
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    What is next for some?

    If I can’t get my AMB yes. I will probably just buy a 4 runner or a Jeep. Getting tired of the BS from Ford! I have a bad feeling this car will be nothing but problems and won’t be reliable!
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    Is Ford insane canceling people’s colors?

    Agreed! I just posted a thread about this! I want my AMB and Ford should honor that! It’s not my fault they have screwed everything up from hard tops to tow packages to engines to Sasquatch and everything else! Honestly if I can’t get AMB I won’t even get one! And it’s not like Ford doesn’t use...
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    Ford needs to listen up!!

    Ford! Powers that be! thanks for canceling my color (anti matter blue) for 2022! NOT! I’m LIVID! Now if you want to show some real customer satisfaction service then you would offer all reservation holders who reserved & order the canceled colors to roll them into 2022! Because it’s YOUR fault...
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    Can we have a dealer demo sighting thread?

    Essential Ford in Stuart FL has this squatched out BD Sunrise in Ft Pierce also has a BB I believe although I didn’t go to see it yet.
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    Honestly I didn’t even ask! There was no window sticker either! I had to go find someone to open it up so I could get inside!
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    Thank you that’s it!!
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    FINALLY! Got to see this bad boy in person ! Black Diamond with Squatch & soft top. My impressions: 1- Soft top doesn’t look THAT bad if you really want it now! It is lined inside with some sort of felt. 2- MGV interior is AMAZING! Doesn’t feel like any sort of vinyl I have ever touched...
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    Still waiting for anyone on the Treasure coast to get one!
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    Tube steps on a Badlands

    You will have to remove the existing rock rails on BL, BD and whichever other models come with them standard to install these steps. I’m looking for some too. Some aftermarket companies are making better ones that have rock rail & step in one, which seems better. Unless I can just find a set...
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    Anyone know who’s this AM company is? Starts with MOA (see photo) bc I want to order this grille bar!