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  • "produced"! Eta to dealer 9/1-9/7 !
    When I ordered in 2021 I ordered the bigger motor. Months ago I told my dealership I wanted to drop it down to the smaller one. Now I find out it has not been done. Now they are telling me its not letting them do any changes. My order is still in order status. Which your supposed to be able to do any change up to production. Anyone else having this problem? Or a answer for me. Thanks
    Bronco has been in “production” status for a few days. Fingers crossed for it to change to “built” soon!!
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    it's now been over a week, and still "in production" status :(
    Things are looking up:
    7/20/20 reservation date
    7/28/20 joined Bronco Nation
    2/1/21 original order conversion date
    10/22/21 MY22 order conversion date
    11/2/21 Order confirmed
    3/8/22 removed hardtop from order
    6/23/22 received build week date of 8/1/22
    7/15/22 called Ford Customer Service for more info - got planned build start date of 8/5/22, and ETA to dealer date of 9/3/22
    I'm convinced Mike Levine and Jim Farley love to sit back and watch us go into convulsions every time they (intentionally) miscommunicate things or make changes with no warning...
    Anxiously (and not very patiently) waiting for the build/price site to launch
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    I heard the build/price feature will be launched prior to December. I hope it is a lot sooner than December!
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