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    Lite Brite and Loren Healy Rubicon Trail teasers!

    Front bumper and winch mount says bye bye front camera and adaptive cruise.
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    Canadian Broncos!

    Vancouver, BC
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    What is the fasination with 4 door trucks and SUV's?

    You aren't the only two.
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    Outerbanks on 37’s

    Good to know. Thanks.
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    I'm booked for August 16th! Anyone else ?

    I have a moving truck booked for August 16th, does that count for anything?
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    On Board Air Compressors?

    I have a Virair on-board system with a 3 gallon air tank. I have another 2.5gal tank I'm going to add to it. The compressor is for 35" tires, I'm sure it will handle 37s no problem, just take a bit longer.
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    Outerbanks on 37’s

    How was the rubbing with the 37s?
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    Death of ICE Vehicles

    Ah yes, Canada, with its 0.6 - 1.6% of global CO² emissions. They really need to do something to rein those numbers in. With all its trees alone, the country is naturally a net zero emitter, even more so when you add all the water. Basically virtue signaling at this point.
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    Death of ICE Vehicles

    Big problem with EVs is that the vast majority of people in the areas around me only have street parking. Kind of hard to charge your battery like that. Especially when you live in an apartment with no parking and your car is a block away.
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    Death of ICE Vehicles

    What about Propane and Natural Gas? A lot of homes run on those 2 gases, so I figure they'll be around for quite a while. Maybe convert ICE engines to run on propane.
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    What is the fasination with 4 door trucks and SUV's?

    In BC we can still access all Crown Land and even camp. Only stipulation is no campfires. And that is while there's close to 900 wildfires burning in the province.
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    Disappointing Range on 2D Broncos

    I'm already used to poor milage because of my Xterra. The 2dr with the 17gal tank and an estimated 17mpg will give me a 289 mile range, the same maximum range I get with the Xterra but with a 2.6 gal larger tank. So technically, the Bronco has better milage which is good, but all my normal...
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    What are you driving while you wait?

    1998 Honda CBR 600F3 2004 Nissan Xterra 2015 Volkswagen Jetta tdi
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    The 2021 Ford Bronco Owner's Manual

    I hear that the oil launches out of the pan for you to speed things up.
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    Rigid Light Bar + Upfitter System Install and Review From Juggernaut Performance

    Also tell us how bad the glare is. How much light comes into the cab, if you can actually see out the window or just a reflection of yourself.