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    Ford Horizon Q&A Live Stream Event

    I am in for tomorrow’s Q&A as well, so will try to steal some of the questions posted above. I do want to know if any of those things we saw on the Bronco build tonight will actually be available through Ford Performance.
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    Thanks Ford and Bronco Nation

    Amen to that!!!
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    Keeping my reservation active but...

    I totally missed that. Thanks.
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    Keeping my reservation active but...

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I have not seen or heard any info that you can stall your reservation for a 2022 model. Seems like you might be able to take options that are late availability which might push your 2021 model not being delivered until 2022, but it’s still a 2021 model year...
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    Can I change my reservation from Wildtrak to Badlands?

    Yes, nothing is set in stone until you actually go to the the dealer and place your order minus the people who put in for FE.
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    Does the new Bronco come with heated wiper blades?

    I have a Gladiator and what they show in video is true when it’s cold and it snows. Struggled with it last winter. It’s not about heated blades but where and how far the defrost hits the glass. On the Jeep it sucks, therefore the ice build up on the blades. The glass is cold. Hopefully, the vent...
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    Black Diamond or Badlands...I can't decide!

    After playing with B&P I am truly torn between Wildtrak or Badlands. Just not a fan of that brown/tan/sand color inside the Wildtrak. However, concerned about the hold up of the vinyl in Badlands, especially with a large dog. So confused on what to do!?!?!
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    Build and price reality disappointments and surprises

    Thanks!!! I might do that or just order the badlands without the things I wanted add and build it as I go.
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    Build and price reality disappointments and surprises

    Well I am hoping Ford fixes the bugs and adds more options before December/January when it is actually time to order. Remember the pull out tailgate or even that little fold down table off the back! If this is all we get for 2021, especially on the badlands where you select one thing, but lose 3...
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    Key Prices (At least in a Badlands Build)

    I am kind of bummed with B&P and I hope it’s just first day bugs. What I notice is the second you move up to the V6 for Badlands it really limits your options on accessories. For example hard top sound deadening liners. Why? Makes no sense. I have these on our Jeep and I would say it’s a must...
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    Hello from WKY

    Welcome to the group.
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    B&P Date Confirmed

    Excited, but still struggling with the bomb being dropped by Ford of no x plan.
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    Hello from Iowa

    Welcome to the group.
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    Movies with gen 1 Broncos

    I am shocked that none of you have mentioned Zoolander!!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    John Bronco

    We were dying when we watched it. Wife said reminded her of Tiger King. Lol!!!