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    URSA Minor

    The last time I communicated with them, they said they plan on having the prototype at the Overland Expo PNW. They would start showing/building them after that. I’m holding onto my reservation for now, but also waiting for the Gobi rack (August??).
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    Interesting. I have not run into that myself. Any other devices to try?
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    Have you tried to remove your phone from the list of available phones? Basically going through the whole process of connecting the phone again. There should be a trash can icon next to your phone in the phone listing section of Sync 4.
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    Phone charge pad

    I installed this one from Amazon. I use it with my iPhone 11 Pro Max and it works great… until you need to charge and use any apps related to gps in CarPlay. It seems it is not powerful enough to charge and run gps, so the location in the app tends to freeze up. I will be looking for other...
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    US Southwest Bronco Nation at Overland Expo West Sedona Experience - Sunday

    Sedona is one of my favorite places! That is going to be an epic trip! Wish I could join!
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    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Nice! It was December for me, but I hope you’ve had just as much fun per mile as I have. Best vehicle I’ve owned, by far.
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    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    While I didn’t get to perform any mods yesterday, I did reach a milestone on the odometer. I certainly didn’t think I would rack up so many miles on this thing so soon, but it’s too much fun to let it stay in the garage while I drive the beater. Lol. The trip to Moab also bumped the miles pretty...
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    To remove tow or not to remove tow, that is the question.

    Thank you. Definitely a project that took me down many rabbit holes. Lol.
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    To remove tow or not to remove tow, that is the question.

    I dropped mine, and the hard top, and was able to get the first delivery at a dealer with only two allocations (I was #5 in line). Since then, I purchased and installed all of the factory components (had to add some custom wiring) for the towing package (hitch, trailer module, vehicle side...
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    Cargo area security drawer

    No, it does not. Though I have not tried it myself, I can't see any way they would still fit. It's a good 8 inches (at least) taller. That, and the top of the drawer system would not support the weight of all of the doors.
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    Remote windows closure

    There is a way, but it requires some work programming with Forscan. There are some forum threads out there on how to do that.
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    20% off

    I went with the sasquatch fender flares. I installed some 1.5" wheel spacers (still on the fence about that one) and wanted to cover the tire a little better to avoid rock chips and keep the tires from hitting the fender while flexing. Can't bring myself to buy aftermarket wheels with...
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    Trail Sight Accessory Mounts!

    Thanks for the recommendation! I have one on order for my GMRS antenna. I like the idea of having it up there instead of mounted to the edge of the hood.