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    Confirmation of Bronco Order

    My MY22 is updated from the 2021. It still has a pick of the original vehicle but is updated in the wording.
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    First/Last VIN 2021

    That is great you are getting your ride! I’m a day 3er. Waiting.
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    Have you submitted your order?

    I have changes 5x at least mostly via email. They email the order back so I can verify everything. I am a 07/16/2020 reservation. What are you getting?
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    Recieved my 2 door BD on Wednesday!

    That is great!!! awesome!
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    MY22 Scheduling Starts 10/28/21

    I My dealer has emailed me the order with changes every time I change something. 5x. Just changed for my22 and they wrote on the order “will not be more than listed MSRP”. And signed it. This let me sleep at night.
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    New member

    Howdy Howdy! What ride do you have ordered or in?
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    Have you submitted your order?

    I know Gaudin Ford, and Team Ford are doing MSRP for reservation holders. I have seen both of those in writing.
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    Roof rails?

    Sure, but you do need a rack for that.
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    Roof rails?

    Can’t get the cargo Matt either on the BL with the 2.7. The 2.3 you can. I am just talking yetimoblie I believe.
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    The suspense is killing me.

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    Thursday Drinking Game....... 22 Edition

    Hey, I never stopped!
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    Have you submitted your order?

    Sounds good! On the ADM, I don’t mind that on vehicles on the lot, just not on a reservation that I brought to the dealership.
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    Ford Accessories

    I’m hoping for that. Also if there are AM options.
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    Added and accessory that Doubled the value of my Bronco!

    That is great you got a good interest rate. Especially with the 1/3 cord of wood. I am getting a BL Sas. For some reason I guess the weight won’t let me add the 1/3rd or 1/4 cord. Best to you I hope that I don’t have to pay over MSRP for the wood. It can get cold here in Las Vegas. We have a...