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    SNEAK PEEK: Diode Dynamics Foglight Kit for Modular Bumper on 2021 Ford Bronco!

    @Diode Dynamics. Do you happen to have more info about when in the fall that more info will be available on the brackets?
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    Yep, completely normal to have the window sticker available that early. Its been typically 7-10 days before the build date.
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    Yeah, but that ETA is rumored to be when it will be released from MAP, and not when it will get to your dealer. Did they have any clarification on that?
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    Very patiently awaiting word on my Bronco production info and this came in the mail....

    Yep... its where they did a majority of the R&D as far as i know.
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    Don’t be worried about the current 0-60 tests and drag races

    My concern is it causing me to get killed because it can't get through an intersection. I don't trust ford vehicles other than the mustang, etc. to do that anymore. We sold our 2.0 Fusion because it felt like my 96 Escort from a dig and we almost got ran into multiple times. If i can figure...
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    Well congrats. I just wonder if they actually fixed the top? I'm guessing they did and maybe it was just one of the panels and not the clamshell portion. Who knows! Let us know your impressions when you have some time.
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    When was your build date? Congrats!
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    Wow... that delivery date was pretty conservative then.
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    When did your build get pushed? Did you have a window sticker before it was pushed?
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    Have Any Broncos (FCTP or Others) Been Delivered?

    Do they need to wait for the OKTB is given before shipping any of the units to dealers, even if they are mannequins? Or can those go before the OKTB?
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    The 2021 Ford Bronco Owner's Manual

    None of those. Slow crawling.
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    Make sure to upgrade the intercooler first!

    If there is a drop in option, i would definitely explore it. If i have to cut stuff up, I'll wait for the warranty to be over.
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    7/14 12:01pm. Hoping for an August build date. I'll post the info once we actually have it from Ford.
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    Bronco Sport already getting “tuned-up”

    You're going to get responses from across the spectrum. Some people will point to the magnuson moss warranty act saying ford will need to prove the tune caused any issue in the future in order to void your warranty. Others will say you modify at your own risk and assume at least the powertrain...
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    RTR Badlands Build

    I was guessing it was sasquach with the wheel/tire setup looking like that, and he didn't mention any suspension. I could be wrong though. Only ones that aren't sas are the ford performance and 4wp builds i think.