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Return to Bronco Knoll

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On the fifth of February, three Broncos set out from Hammertown in Johnson Valley, California. In the lead, a ‘91 XLT carrying me and two other Bronco Nation members wound through the crazy King of the Hammers traffic to get out of the valley and onto Old Woman Springs Road. We had to keep our speed around 45-50 mph since the ’72 Bronco following us was a bit unstable at higher speeds. We had done our preliminary checks on the vehicles prior to rolling out, but I was still nervous about the ’72 making it to our final destination, a hilltop about 10 miles from Hammertown, as the drone flies. Our route would be closer to 30 miles since we had to avoid the race loop for King of the Hammers.

Bronco Nation Travel Logs: Bronco Knoll

There are some special places in the history of Bronco. The Romeo and Arizona Proving Grounds come to mind, and more recently the home of Bronco Driver Magazine’s Bronco Super Celebration event, the Tally Ho Inn in Townsend, TN. Communities are held together by stories, and an important part of any story is the setting.

Tech Center – Baja 1000

Bronco Nation Community
The Baja 1000 is a grueling race that takes an experienced array of drivers as well as a strong crew supporting an effort just to reach the finish line. Traditionally, most teams would have people on site somewhere on the Baja peninsula in order to support a race vehicle but Ford went virtual this year and supported the Ford Bronco R and the crew on the ground from 2,400 miles away in North Carolina.

Baja 1000: Shots of Bronco and Bronco-R

Bronco Nation Community
The Bronco-R is back, tearing through the desert like the off-road racing beast that it is. This summer, we introduced you to the Bronco-R team and talked about how the tech transfer  from Bronco-R will makes the production Bronco better. Now we’ll get to see how the vehicle fairs in one of the ultimate torture tests, the Baja 1000.

Overlanding Across the Continental Divide

This craving for adventure has driven mankind to seek out and conquer some of nature’s toughest obstacles. A few weeks ago, with this unquenchable desire raging through our system, Bronco Nation assembled a small group of die-hard Bronco enthusiasts to seek out an adventure.