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Build and Price Guide (Updated)

Build and Price Guide (Updated)


The 2021 Bronco is a vehicle built with the enthusiast in mind. Because of that fact, it’s a vehicle with a diversity of options so that you can really make your Bronco unique. Those options are wonderful to have but can make the build and price process overwhelming for some. To remedy this, Bronco Nation has compiled a B&P guide for you to reference as you spec out your Bronco.  

As we count down to Build and Price going live, we hope this can get your engines running and help solidify your game plan.  

Don’t forget to jump into the Build and Price forum so you can share the build that you created. Also, we have some extra FAQs that we’ve confirmed with Ford that you can peruse as well.  

This guide has been updated from its original version. We apologize for the errors and appreciate the greater Bronco community’s feedback and help in getting this right.  

Download the Build & Price Guide!


  1. I was hoping the interior trim options that was released on youtube, would be available in the build and price tool.

  2. The site obviously has a lot of issues. You also cannot get the paint protection film with the 2.7L engine.

  3. On the First Edition, you list some things as optional that are part of the package (such as the headliner).

    Also, do you know if the tow package (hitch) is included on the FE b/c it is not an option.

  4. My comment is that they should move the equipment packages up after color. You would then know as you go what is included. Furthermore if you want gray seats in cloth heated you can’t add them in the interior color selector. When you get down to mid package you find that heated seats are included regardless of color.


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