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Bronco Off-Roadeo Registration Now Open! 

Bronco Off-Roadeo Registration Now Open! 


By @BroncoBecky #2031

OK, you’ve ordered your Bronco. You may even know your VIN. Now, you’re counting down the days for that 4×4 to arrive. Until then… go have some fun and take the adventure of a lifetime!

Starting today, anyone with a qualified Bronco order can register for Bronco Off-Roadeo.  

That’s right. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve placed an order for a qualifying all-new 2021 Bronco, Bronco Sport Badlands or Bronco Sport First Edition — you are now eligible to register for Off-Roadeo. No need to wait for your Bronco to be delivered…just placing your vehicle order is enough to go Off-Roadeo. Unlike other driving programs, Off-Roadeo wants you to experience the adventure as soon as possible, so that you are ready to hit the trails as soon as you have the keys to your Bronco.


This is the first step on your Off-Roadeo journey — creating your account. To register as an Off‑Roadeo participant, you’ll have to complete two steps, 1) create a personal profile, and 2) verify your vehicle. Completing registration today will ensure you are ready to go and allow you to seamlessly make your Off‑Roadeo reservation when calendars open in late Spring. More about that down below.

  • Create Your Profile.
    Here you’ll provide your standard contact information, and then select your preferred Off‑Roadeo locations and timing preference. This is the information that will be used to provide you with further event news, important dates, reservation reminders, and more.
  • Verify Your Vehicle.
    After you’ve created your profile, you’ll then enter your vehicle information to verify eligibility. Remember, you must have a qualified Bronco order to register for Off‑Roadeo. By verifying your Bronco order, you will be confirming your eligibility to participate. You will need to provide some additional information regarding your vehicle order, including your VIN (which can be found in your “scheduled for production” email, if you have not yet taken delivery of your Bronco).


By following the steps above, you’ll be registered for the Off-Roadeo experience. This does not mean you have an Off-Roadeo reservation… yet. That begins late spring. Registration means you’re officially on the list and will be receiving information in the weeks ahead about when you can officially select the date and location for your Off-Roadeo experience. Keep watching your inbox for reservation updates and, of course, stay tuned here, as we’ll keep you posted when any news is announced.

Are you ready for adventure? Take a look at the Off-Roadeo location pages and see what makes each Off-Roadeo destination undeniably epic and unforgettable. Each location has been carefully selected for their unique trails and diverse terrain, not to mention the stunning scenery surrounding it all. Without a doubt, they are exactly the kind of places that Bronco Nation members love to hang. Plus, check out the variety of activities available nearby and the beautiful resorts selected as Off-Roadeo home base. It’s sure to get you inspired, excited and ready to get out into the wild when your new Bronco is ready!

What is Bronco Off-Roadeo?

It’s a 1.5-day off-roading and outdoor adventure playground at epic destinations across the United States. Bronco Off-Roadeo will welcome you into the world of Bronco with a unique blend of hands-on and immersive experiences that will build your confidence, expand your skills, and encourage you to get out into the wild for years to come. Led by industry experts who will highlight the design and engineering that make Bronco so capable, you’ll learn key vehicle features and driving techniques as you get behind the wheel on a purpose-built, off-road course that showcases the composure, control and capability of the Bronco.


  1. That all sounds warm and fuzzy but I have a VIN number and a production date of June 14. I went to the website site today and after an hour of answering a list of questions like “what is your daily driver” WTF does that mean I never got a confirmation.

    1. Hey Scott, I’m sorry you had trouble on the site (DDs, or daily drivers, are jargon for what you typically take everywhere. Some people keep a dedicated ORV and have a separate vehicle for around town). Confirmations were coming in slow, but if you haven’t received one as of now, email/call info@broncooffroadeo.com or (888) 260-5744. People have said in the forums they had instant success with customer service.

      1. I have not been given a build date for my bronco yet, and thus no vin number. Is there a way to register without having received a vin yet?

        1. Yes, Wynn, with your trim details. At this stage, we’re creating profiles and verifying vehicles, and in a soon to be here phase, we will get to choose a location. If you need help in the process, I’ve only heard good things about using customer service: info@broncooffroadeo.com/ (888) 260-5744.

  2. Verified order, but can’t register. Just a continuous loop of entering my info. For some reason I want to watch Groundhog Day.

    1. If you send a note to customer service, Jeffery, at info@broncooffroadeo.com, or call (888) 260-5744, they will get that straightened out for you. And then you can turn on, I don’t know, some movie about the changing future, instead of a tired cycle!

  3. I registered, but I got the we can’t complete your purchase your vehicle is not verified email . I replied but they haven’t answered yet. My VIN number is good. I used it to register my bronco to my FordPass . Very frustrating.

    1. I understand, Aurora; I’m sorry for the glitch. From what I’ve heard, you will get a helpful answer soon, but please update me if you have more trouble.

    1. I hear you on that, Charles. Everyone replying says their call is extremely quick, but I can’t speak to exactly how long. I’m betting emails are backed up, and you’ll have an answer soon.

  4. I tried to register last night but I got an email from Bronco OffRoadeo saying my order verification failed. Ford has confirmed my order via email, so I’m not sure why it failed.

    1. Okay, I just read the article above more carefully and I realize I did not provide my VIN because I have yet to receive my “scheduled for production” email.

      1. Hi Broncogeo, I know some were still having success registering without their VIN, solely the trim level details. If the system wasn’t pairing with that, like you said, you can always give a call to (888) 260-5744. Customer service has been able to help out everyone in a similar situation that I’ve heard of.

    1. Hey Greg, you should be able to register with your trim details, but should you have trouble, here’s the contact info for customer service in advance. Everyone says they resolve the issue, and many people who called said they had a great time talking Broncos while doing so! Hope it goes smoothly for you! info@broncooffroadeo.com or (888) 260-5744.

  5. I got the same loop set of questions (even after entering my VIN received from Ford with production date expected June 14, 2021). Eventually the data entered was received and recognized. So I think I am good. But I did experience similar to others.

  6. So, even though we own older Broncos, we have to own, or have a reservation for, a new Bronco? Just curious, because I will NEVER give up my ’91 and I probably won’t be able to afford a new Bronco until 2026.

    1. I love your passion for your ’91! Off-Roadeo is an experience to learn the technology of the new Broncos, so yes, you have to have a qualifying order to attend, but it would be fun to do a Round-Up meet-up in a similar area/timeframe for our early gen owners from this site, so you all are included too.

  7. I reserved an Outerbanks but ordered a Badlands (in WBDO) — is that why I can’t be verified?


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