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Bronco Nation Meetup | Fall Windrock Ride for 2021 Broncos

Bronco Nation Meetup | Fall Windrock Ride for 2021 Broncos


If you’re in the northeastern Tennessee region on Saturday, Nov. 6 –– or want to make the drive –– then join up with the Windrock trail ride organized by Bronco Nation member @DaveTWave.

He and his wife recently secured their 2021 Badlands Bronco (non-SAS), and they are ready to test it out. Dave spent three days doing Windrock in the spring during Bronco Super Celebration East, and now, with Bronco in hand, it’s time to take on the park in the fall.

The Spot

Windrock Park, in Oliver Springs, TN, has over 73,000 acres of mountain terrain, with 300 miles of trails –– the largest privately owned riding area in the country. You can also mountain bike, hike, shoot, and camp there. Spend 4-6 hours exploring the trails with the Bronco group and stay longer if you’d like: The trail system, rated easy to extremely difficult, is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and permits are available online.

Here’s how Windrock breaks down their categories:

  • Easy: Hit those gravel roads for a fun, scenic drive.
  • Moderate: Some dirt, some rocks, and some ruts make these trails a bit more exciting.
  • Difficult: Step it up. It’s all the above and more dirt, more rocks, and more ruts!
  • Extremely difficult: You sure about this? Boulders and cliffs and questions … oh my!

No Full Sends, Just a Completely Great Time

Since the Bronco needs to be driven home (not trailered out), this ride will focus on the light to medium trails: “We do not plan on full sending,” says Dave. Plus, the park has some wider trails to save on tree rub –– you can enjoy the fall colors but leave with minimal scratches.

“You always meet some good people on the trail,” says Dave, “and the views are amazing.”

So, clear your schedule next weekend from at least 12-5 p.m., hit “RSVP” on the round up, and come have a great time with the community and your Bronco –– all are welcome!

Join the Bronco community on Saturday, Nov. 6!




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