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5 Questions Answered About the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport

5 Questions Answered About the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport


We just returned from the Bronco Sport media event and we are excited. We’re putting together our full drive impressions article and cant wait to share it with you early next month. In the meantime, we had a chance to clarify some questions that we heard from the Nation with Jovina Young, the Bronco Sport Brand Manager and recent Rebelle Rally racer  You read that right, this Brand Manager hopped in the vehicle that she’s responsible for and raced it over 2000 kilometers of harsh terrainI think we can all respect that.  

Enthusiasts’ questions  are never fully answered so we’ll continue to investigate but these are five questions that we have answers for today   

When will dealers be able to order accessories if they aren’t included in the initial delivery of the vehicle?

Jovina Young: Dealerships may order their Bronco Sport Accessories now.  The Ford Accessory Distributors have received their initial stocking orders and are ready to fulfill Bronco Sport Accessories.

Are there plans for a factory installed lift option in the future?

Jovina Young: We have nothing to announce right now but we’re thrilled with the interest and are listening to feedback.

When can we expect to see MPG estimates?

Jovina Young: Soon.

Will there be documentation available for helping buyers find the best solution for wiring accessories like lights, radios, etc.?

Jovina Young: Yes, we’re excited to see how buyers customize their Bronco Sports and will provide the information on what we see as the best way to do that.

Are fender flare kits standard or optional on Bronco Sport First Edition?

Jovina Young: They are optional.


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